Sustainable Farming

Harvesting the energy of Nature!

Being Eco Sensitive & Eco Sensible

3 Hermits Agrotech Private Limited aims to transform the agriculture/horticulture landscape in India by partnering with rural communities to promote scientific Organic Farming. We want to produce the Best fruits and veggies that nature can, but we want to be ecologically responsible while doing so.

We pledge to do everything we possibly can to help our ecosystem thrive. Though we have a perennial brook fed by the snow melt of Himalayan peaks, we use every opportunity to conserve water. We are painfully aware that much of the rain water in the hills runs down and causes gully and sheet erosion. That is why we have step farms that have adequate channels to allow the run of rain water and to harvest it in our own ponds. We use this harvested rainwater when caring for our plants. If we have to lift water to our farms, we use grid electricity or solar pumps. We compost the agriculture waste, substrates and end-residues  of our farming. We only grow organic plants or use hydroponic system in order to keep soil completely free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Our goal to protect the environment begins with our efforts to make our community go green.  

We do protected cultivation using state of the art Greenhouses and adopt environment friendly practices such as Vertical Farming (Hydroponic), gravity based irrigation, drip and micro irrigation, use of bio nutrients & traditional organic promoters like Panchgavya, Jeeva amrIt,  Bokashi composting, etc. We strive towards being carbon surplus and rely on solar energy for most of our energy needs like farm fencing, heating, cooling, running water pumps and for drying our produce. We try to eliminate wastage of our produce by pre-cooling  or drying at our site as appropriate.

We partner with the rural community in disseminating the latest know how and best practices in the field of horticulture and agriculture. We also help them have a better logistics chain and distribution for their products thus increasing their farm income.