There's much to see, look around, learn and enjoy. Take time out from your busy schedule and come to stay with us!  We are readying our infrastructure to host you in style. We should be able to provide a stay at our farms from August 2019. Look forward to your company!

Have a Eco Sensible Holiday Break with us!

Eco Friendly Lodges


Stray with us in comfort enjoying the sylvan surroundings and breath taking views of the Himalayas. Our Lodges and Swiss cottage tents  have are being constructed using locally sourced eco friendly material, bamboo and waste wood, engaging local labor. 

Healthy Farm Fresh Food


Have sumptuous meals cooked from the freshest of vegetables, greens, mushrooms picked right at our farms and get the much needed detox from the chemicals & pesticides that normally impact your food chain. We also provide 'Desi eggs', fresh river caught fish and poultry sourced from the vicinity of our farms.

Be a weekend farmer!


Grow a green thumb! Nurture the farmer in you. We encourage you to tour our farms and engage in all farm activities that you fancy,  like hoeing, sowing, weeding, plucking and harvesting. We take safety very seriously so we ensure that you do these activities with proper safety gear and under expert guidance.

Learn to be eco-sensible


We organise talks from leading experts in the field of ecology, sustainable development, organic farming, and hydroponics on a regular basis. If one of these are happening when you are here, we will feel priveleged, if you take part.

Indulge in your passion


Want to do meditation near a gurgling himalayan brook? or do Yoga facing a series of hill ranges? or take out your DSLR and have close encounter with birds and animals? or want to paint the landscape? play Guitar atop a hillock? Trek along to great views? have picnic at a meadow... We offer all these opportunities and many more

Soak the vibes of divinity


We would be happy  organise transport to various spiritual destinations near our farms - Kasar Devi, Jageshwar Dham, Gananath temple, Binsar Mahadev Temple..... to name a few.