Organic Mushrooms - Oyster Mushrooms grown the organic way!

Fresh Oyester Mushrooms


Oyster mushrooms may sound more like something you'd find in the ocean than on land. Yet this edible fungus can be beneficial to the body and breaks down toxic chemicals. 

Oysters are one of the most versatile mushrooms. They are easy to cultivate and common all over the world. They are also very beautiful, coming in a broad spectrum of colors.

Mushrooms are 90% water and virtually calorie free. They are also rich in potassium, selenium, protein, and cancer preventing antioxidants.

At 3 Hermits, we grow Oyster mushrooms in our production farms in Himalayas at a height of 6000-6500 feet in a completely pollution free environment. We grow organic mushrooms which are completely free from the harmful chemicals.

Dried Oyester Mushrooms


Dried Oyster mushrooms have a shelf life of up to a year and can be used as a replacement for fresh mushrooms in most recipes.  

Dried mushrooms have a more concentrated flavor than fresh. Always soak dried mushrooms in VERY hot water for 20 minutes or until soft before using. Do not use before re hydrating. Use mushrooms in strained broth, in soups, sautées, sauces, stir-frys or in any dish calling for fresh mushrooms.

To store oyester mushrooms, refrigerate them enclosed or wrapped in a paper towel or in a paper bag. Do not store mushrooms in plastic, unless it has a few holes punched to keep them dry. Try out our organic mushrooms - that are grown on certified organic medium without any chemical agent used in pasteurization.