We Pledge to produce pesticide free Organic food...

Our Vision

To be the leader in the field of  ecologically sustainable agriculture, growing organic food like Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs , Spices and Mushrooms using Certified Organic practices and Hydroponics.

Our Mission

To  have profitable growth by continuously promoting innovations in sustainable agriculture and rural enterprises through capacity development,  coupling  of traditional wisdom and new technology practices like Hydroponics. We demonstrate strong commitment to organic food cultivation by ensuring sharp focus on quality & customer service.

Our Values


  • Pure Certified Organic food products which are completely healthy and free from any harmful chemical agents.
  • Ecologically Sustainable farming practices with proper emphasis on conservation of natural resources like water and soil.
  • Low Carbon footprint - Energy conservation with use of solar energy for all possible purposes.
  • Socially responsible:  Invest in local rural community projects - employment creation, infrastructure building, strengthening education, imparting knowledge & technology in the field of hydroponics, organic horticulture & agriculture.